Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Fun

Last Wednesday E.W. and I left for our second annual visit to Virginia for some family fun with George and Sue. This year we had more crazies added to the mix and it was fabulous. Kate flew in Thursday afternoon and Jay arrived a few hours later, thanks to a huge storm that diverted his flight. Niece Sarah's husband, Tim, was deployed last summer so it was big fun for us to get to get to know him; the two of them took Thursday and Friday off to play. The eight of us had such a great time and Sarah was a hoot with that baby belly! We ate and played games and talked and bossed each other around. It was incredible and we made some really special memories. Can't wait until we do it again!

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  1. Every single time I come over for a visit the one thing I am struck by is how much fun you have - with friends, with family - with life!


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