Monday, June 21, 2010

Thirty-Five Years Ago

We stayed so long at our wedding reception that the photographers left. It worked out fine because a friend took this picture and it's one of the best of the day. We'd changed into our 'going away outfits' (when did people stop doing that?) and we were about to get into an unairconditioned Chevy Nova (with no power steering) and head off to Virginia Beach for our honeymoon. That made us the adventurous ones among our friends; we were going out of state!

There were three reasons we honeymooned at Virginia Beach (other than the catchy PR campaign): We met in Virginia during summer break from UGA, one of our first dates was a day trip to Virginia Beach, and E.W. was a groomsman in a wedding on the 28th in Alexandria. We were SO young! Babies! Guess we knew what we were doing somehow...thirty-five years later we agree we chose very well. Also, please note that giant corsage I'm wearing! Ha!


  1. Ohmygosh, WHAT A GREAT PICTURE! You're gorgeous!

    (And how romantic!)


  2. You look beautiful! Happy Anniversary. :)


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