Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Name Game

When Ellie was here, she was fascinated with the tray of pictures on the coffee table. She'd pick up a picture and turn to tell me who she saw. Her favorites included one from her first Christmas; she identified 'mama' and 'daddy' and then the 'baby' and she kept going back to a classic of Kate and Worth with the cats, Freddie and Putter. She also liked a tailgate photo of us all (although E.W. is still a little tricky for her to say!). When looking at recent pictures of herself, she'd smile and say her name. If you watch closely, you will see her pick up a picture of Kate and me and hear her say 'Kate' (again, saying Auntie Kate is a work in progress) and 'Mia' sweet to my ears! I do love being her Mia!

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