Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, Monday

Having Ellie here...priceless. We spent the day playing, reading, dancing, and visiting with company. Then E.W. came home from work and we made a quick trip to the Willis' pool, where Ellie especially enjoyed the sit-on-the-side-and-kick technique. Tomorrow morning she will pack up her bags so her other grandparents can get in on the fun. They are in for a treat, 'cause have you ever seen such a face?
Bear and Ellie, hard at work.

Too hot to play outside.

Looking at photos and talking.

Wearing Mia's sandals and admiring
herself in the mirror.

Worked up a thirst...

...and a Ritz wouldn't hurt.

Not a fan of the pool...

...but E.W. said it was ok... it's all good.

That look!

Splashy toes.

All cleaned up and chilling before supper.

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  1. All of your pictures of Ellie are so precious. She is such a cute little girl. I know she brings you so much joy. :)


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