Monday, June 28, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

I still really like the butler's tray coffee table we've had for, well always (at least since we moved up from the newlywed basket-with-the-glass-top version). I'm sure that one day we will use it again, it's just that for now, it seemed we need something a little more toddler friendly.
Not only that, but at Christmas our puzzle pieces kept slipping through the handles and there wasn't room for everyone to work at the table.
Plus, foot propping was a REAL problem!
So...I remembered we had an old table hiding upstairs. It started out as a Cavaleri kitchen table and eventually traveled to UGA and then on to med school with Worth before ending up, unloved, under an upstairs bed.
After multiple coats of primer and paint (and getting our friend, Mr. Odd Job, to cut the legs down to 17 inches), we've got a coffee table that will handle lots of fun and is sturdy enough for plenty of foot-propping. I added the bentwood chair from the long-since-torn-down Central Elementary in Laurens, and just in case more than one child wants to pull up and look at photos or draw, I painted a Porterfield chair.
Ah, just right...for now!


  1. Smart reuse! I want to see more pictures though - I can't tell how high that is off the floor.(The chairs are confusing me!)

    And yes, it is tough to find a table big enough for puzzles, yes?

  2. It looks terrific! Bet it will be even better with a compass on it ;-)


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