Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Friend

More than thirty years ago, we became co-workers and friends with Ron. An Indiana native who came south to play college basketball, he eventually became an educator, which is how our paths crossed. He and E.W. were fast friends from the start. In 1982, he married Ellen, who quickly became part of the 'family'.

Ron in excited about his catch that he brought it to the office!

Today, after a courageous fight against AML, he is with our Father. The dignity and humor with which he and Ellen have faced these last months, and especially these last days, is a lesson in faith and love that none of us who had the privilege of spending time with them through this will ever forget.


  1. So sad! :( He was my favorite principal! Love you, Mr. Fritz!

  2. So sorry you have lost a good friend. Glad he is pain-free in heaven now.


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