Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tift Green Weekend

George and Sue made the trek down I-95 last Thursday and we tried hard to top the fun we had during last year's Tift Green weekend. There was golf, golf, and more golf for the guys. Sue and I spent our time visiting, reading, and getting in some serious relaxation on the patio. What a great weekend...we're SO GLAD they came!

George is pretty excited about the caramel cake.

Have some!

new flag from bro'

at da club
the rest of us
It's all in the preparation.


forever hopeful

This is our idea of fun.
The course is that-a-way.

action shot 

the gallery

two Georges and a Sue

more action

my stud muffin

power nap

This is what we do.

Day 2


tee it up

the end result

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