Saturday, April 10, 2010

Masters, Part II

Saturday was a great day! I got to spend the day with my folks and Ellie while the others were at the tournament. Daddy introduced Ellie to the German cowbell (loved it) and music of the Big Band era (not wild enough for her)! The weather was gorgeous...thankfully Ashley FINALLY got to see the Masters without freezing or drowning! Ellie and I made several walks down to the pond to admire flowers and look for ducks. There was also some bubble blowing involved.

Daddy had reserved the private dining room at the 'big house' for us Saturday night and the nine of us had a lovely evening together...the first time we've all been together since Jay's become an official part of the bunch.

Early in the morning, five patrons ready for the day.

Ellie, like all the kids before her,
loves the German cow bell.

Meanwhile, at the National

A little dancing to some big band tunes...

...and then a break to listen before napping.

nap feet :)

Time for dinner; woo hoo!

Ellie, this is no time to practice your putting!

Uncle Jay's turn to entertain.

Grandmother and granddaughter!

A quick ride before dinner...

...or push.

dinner partners

They started it all.

The group.

Dinner and a show.

Jay coaches Ellie after dinner.

Is this child precious or what?

Oh, a quick TV break before bath time is essential.

Today also brought the added excitement of a new baby in the 'family'. We are so proud for Tyson, Beth, and Jake as they welcome Walker to the world.

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