Friday, April 9, 2010

Masters, Part I

Wednesday afternoon found us on the road to Augusta and we had a wonderful day at the tournament Thursday. Thankfully the predicted thunderstorm waited until the middle of the night! Friday, Emmett had a great day at the tournament with our friend, Jay glad it worked out. After he got back, the B'ham crew rolled in and we all headed to Rhinehart's for shrimp...Kate and Jay met us there on their way into town. We enjoyed the best fried shrimp around and yes, there was some talk about golf! Some of us, though, focused more on a certain precious little girl.
E.W. and Jay R. strike a pose at the clubhouse.

So happy to see this face!

Watching Ellie

No idea what this move is.

Busy with her coloring book.

Ellie teaches E.W. how to sort shapes.

Good job, E.W.!

Time for a quick ride.

Ellie has her own gallery.

Hey, I like THIS ride!

Let's go to Rhinehart's!

Must be buckled. Obsessed with the buckles.

Kate and Jay arrive, just in time to order shrimp.

Cavaleri greats entertained by Ellie

Ellie spies the bikers...

...and she's off!

Foiled by Auntie Kate

Looks like a serious discussion.

Back home, Kate is given the badge collection.

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