Monday, March 22, 2010

Zone Two

This has always been one of the most neglected areas in our yard. Oh, we've tried a number of ideas through the years (notice the ugly stepping stones leading to a door we never use) but nothing has ever looked right. With all of the other improvements we've tackled, it just seemed time to try again in what I call, with affection(ha), zone two (zone one is a much larger project and is still in progress...).

So far, I've scrubbed the brick, replaced the tree ivy with a gardenia, and added ferns against the house in an always-shady spot. Pots filled with begonias line the steps (something else I could paint!). E.W. planted some mountain laurels in places that have been bare for way too long. The bed edging has been restored to its proper configuration (grass will have to grow in some spots!) and bales upon bales of pine straw have been put down. It's looking so much better!

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