Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Winners

We left here around noon on Friday with Sa and Gramps, headed up to the Classic City for a weekend of sporting events and seeing kiddos. Staying at the Georgia Center made it so easy; just had to walk across the street to Stegeman Coliseum Friday night to watch the Gymdogs take on LSU.

Our view for the weekend.

Waiting for the Gym Dawgs.

Kate explains it all to Jay.

Hairy Dawg makes his rounds.

Woo hoo! Dawgs win!

After the win, Sa and Gramps were ready to turn in but E.W. and I went with Kate and Jay to Gnat’s Landing. Patsy and Jim, Jay’s parents, met us there and we also got to visit with Kate’s co-worker...and even reunited with some of our on-the-beach dancing buddies from a St. Simons trip a few years back. Small world. Anyway…eventually we made our way ‘home’ and actually managed to sleep in on Saturday morning! E.W. took his folks over to Kate’s for the tour and a cup of coffee; then I met them at Kate’s office so they could see where she works. I’m telling you, we had an AGENDA! At noon we met Ross and Rachel for lunch at the Five Points Deli, and there were lots of hugs all around. I adore being an aunt!

Waitin' on the cousins.

Rachel and Ross arrive!

Ross has a cray uncle.

Gramps and Rachel

Sa and Ross

Cousins, one in each size.

Ross and E.W. 

After a short break, it was time for us to head back over to Stegeman for the 4:00 basketball game. It was a great game (especially as it was a win over the Gators) and I even got to see Betsey! Talk about a bonus!

Hoop Dawgs are ready to play...

...and we're ready to watch.

Three points!

Coach Fox 

Another win for the Dawgs!

After the game we enjoyed supper at the Hilltop Grille and headed back to the Georgia Center…night night.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sanford and Wife

Remember when I said it was a process? For the most part, the work that's left is ours. Last Saturday we tackled the monumental job of getting everything (thankfully, not absolutely everything) back IN the storage room. We know how to have fun!

This is how our carport has looked
for the past few weeks...

...because new paint was happening!

The carport radio survived twenty years outside
but did not survive the painting process.

Playing with the hose.

still working

Lunch break for us...

...and the cats.


Putter's supervision made it happen.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Home in Our House

I've written before about connecting elements in our home with the past (HERE and HERE). Recently I came across a very old picture of my great-grandparents' home in East Point (and a bonus...just because I love these's what Luther and Carrie Wright looked like in 1903).

Back to their home...of course the house is no longer there; even when I was a child the neighborhood was changing into a commercial area. If you look closely on the right side of the picture, you will see a porch swing. I wonder if this is the one that my cousins and I nearly wore out! Fortunately, when it was time for the house to be torn down, my dad was able to take away some mementos of the home in which he was born and lived with his parents and older sisters until he was three.

Look again and you will see windows on either side of the front door. The top part of the windows were removed by my dad and layers upon layers of paint were removed by my mama. My folks used them in their home for a time; when we built our house they gave them to us. The one shown here is between the hall and the living room; the other is between the hall and the dining room.

You can't see their living room in that old photograph, but daddy removed the mantle and spent months stripping and refinishing it. Like the windows, they gave it to us when we built our home. Although it was too small to use for the wood-burning fireplace, we knew just where to put it.

Bits and pieces of those who shaped our personal history help to make our house a home. What bits of those who've gone before add to the 'home' in your house?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Sunday

Last Sunday sweet Ellie had just arrived...we took a little walk up the street and she encouraged Miss Scarlett to join us. Here's a short video clip:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where's Ellie?

After a quick overnight trip to take Ellie back to her parents, I've come back to a very quiet house. The question we're asking tonight is the same one I was asking the other day: Where's Ellie? We miss her already!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bed Head to Curls

Another busy day in Ellie's world...lots of play and giggles were involved, and there might have been some peek-a-boo and running, too. Putter Davis spent the day hiding out but Miss Scarlett was more sociable and willing to tolerate a short person. The Bluestockings met tonight; fortunately it was next door so I was able to go for an hour or so. Ellie made an appearance long enough to charm the group before heading home with E.W. and the Collins gang. Her Tift grandparents stopped in to get some sugar, too, and Ellie was sweet enough to spare E.W. a dreaded diaper by waiting for Serita to arrive! After I got home Ellie and I had fun bathtime, with some extra primping added in. A quick rock, a snuggle with her 'lovey', and it was time for this little sweetie's date with the Sandman. Can't thank her parents enough for letting her spend time with us...
Bed head courtesy of her daddy's side of the family.

Loves giggling with the giggling bear.

Hey, kitty!

This dog doesn't run away like the kitties do.

Shampoo curl.

Who needs tub toys?

Gotta brush those choppers.

Just part of my beauty routine at Mia's.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday = Fun Day!

I know Worth and Ashley are missing their little peanut but we sure are enjoying having her here with us. Pictures just can't capture the giggles and crazy that is the fun of being seventeen months old, but I took some anyway!

Good mornin'!

What? Rain?

Guess I'll work on my math skills...

...and a puzzle that was my daddy's.

MM helps make music.

The spices need rearranging.

The kitties need to spice up their food.


Talking to mama and daddy apparently takes two phones.

E.W. tries to explain that the call is over.
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