Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visitors in the 'hood.

We had a fun spend-the-night last night with baby brother Joe and Cynthia...and we're counting it as part of the season's festivities! We watched high school playoffs on tv (sorry, cchs), enjoyed a good meal, and shared a few laughs. The evening ended with us glued to the GPB Motown special. To protect the family name, video coverage of a certain pair of brothers who thought they were auditioning for the Temptations shall remain unpublished...


  1. Just outta curiosity when was this taken...

    This is Ross

  2. because cynthia was apperently too sick to make it to my graduation and had to go the hospital...and that kept my father from hanging out with me thursday night. She looks to be in good spirit here so i am kind of confused right now.....

    can someone explain to me what is going on...

    again this is Ross

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