Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Christmasing

Although the purists would say Christmas is over, we are still having holiday fun. George and Sue have been here for a few days and we are so glad!
While the guys played golf, we drove ourselves crazy with the Father Christmas puzzle Sue sent us from Germany decades ago...Kate and I put it together every year, so it was on the holiday agenda! Although we had to tear ourselves away, we did manage to finish it the next morning.

We are Bowers, so of course there was a break for food! E.W. requested tacos and a group effort was made to pull them together.

After supper, there was a viewing of home videos of when the cousins were small. We laughed until we hurt....Christmas 'programs'... slip and slide competitions...seeing Worth, Kate, George, Jr., Sarah, Ross, and Rachel being kids together...priceless! Thanks to Kate, we now have these gems on DVD.

Thanks to 'the people from Virginia', it's been a lovely couple of days. We appreciate you making the trip and wish the road from here to there was not quite so long.

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