Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Manic Monday

Monday seemed like a good day to undeck the halls. It had to happen, just didn't know that it would get crazier as the day went on! We've been having some repair work done and today they showed up to work on two of our doors. Surprise! We spent a good part of the day with doors removed and we are definitely aired out around here. After Kate and I got the tree 'undressed' she decided to install the light fixture she gave me for Christmas. Actually, her first choice was to sit in front of the fire and relax but with a gale force wind blowing through the living room, she went to Plan B. Thank you Kate; love the lighting and wowed that you did the installation! Meanwhile, I plowed ahead with the packing up of Christmas, taking a break at five to watch our Dawgs beat A&M (woo hoo) in the Independence Bowl. A bonus for the game...Kate's friend came over with her husband and precious baby. I have to tell you, I was so happy to be sitting down I didn't even take pictures of our mini-tailgate. After the game, I switched gears and focused on getting ready for tomorrow's company. We are so excited to see E.W.'s brother George and Sister Sue! Can't wait!

naked tree

replacing doors in December....BRRRRRRR

The light fixture Kate wanted to exile.

It seemed like a good idea to install the new fixture during
the confusion that is known as undecking the halls.

Reading the directions, a novel concept.
scaffolding: the best Valentine, ever

a work in progress
With doors installed, we can turn on the
heat now!
Just about done!

Meanwhile, this is what I was doing.
Looks great, and apparently
the Christmas has been put up, too!

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