Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve: The Daylight Hours

It's always wonderful when your grown children are home and when your parents can be with you as well...what a blessing! Today we've had four generations here and it just doesn't get much better than that. I started the day by breakfasting with my granddaughter.

Santa? Tonight? And you expect me 
to concentrate on my breakfast?!?
The Bowers and Tift guys had a golf scramble planned, so Kate, Ashley, Ellie, and I stayed in our pajamas a while. Ashley's mama, Serita, came by before she headed out to do errands and Ellie got in some snuggles with her.
Grandma Serita stops by while the guys are golfing. 
Here's a short clip of Ellie breaking down with the duck from Papa and Grandma:

Not long after Serita left, mama and daddy got here from Augusta (yay!). We had lunch and after a bit the guys came in from golf (and it was mentioned that the dads 'wore out' the sons!).

It's been a great start to Christmas Eve! Now it's time to get ready for church, the Gaines, our Christmas Eve family fun, and Santa!

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