Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree, Golf, Friends, and Football

Kate and Jay were here for the weekend, so after breakfast Saturday and a phone call to the birthday girl, we headed to the Christmas Tree Farm to pick out this year's best tree ever. Kate and I decorated the tree and the front porch while E.W. and Jay took charge of the meat portion of the tailgate menu: ribs, loin, and wings. Between football games, there was a four-hole golf outing, with Miss Scarlett and me as the gallery. Yes, that crazy cat walked all four holes with us. Upon returning to the house, we lit a fire in the fireplace, set out the tailgate fare, and welcomed friends over to watch THE game, UGA vs Tech. A win for the dawgs was perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Yeah, this one's only ten feet tall.

Kate checks it out; Jay's not sure.

Definitely way too small.

Cheesing with a gnome in the background.

This is better.

American Gothic

He's still got it.

Jay steps up.

Bridgett and Fischer are looking for a tree, too.

Fischer has such smooshable cheeks.

The Straightening of the Tree Ceremony

Kate pretends to help Jay in the kitchen.

Yes, he know's what he's doing.


While the smoker's on,
there's time for a four-hole tournament.

Kate contemplates her shot.

Miss Scarlett decides to walk with the group.

E.W. attempts his putt.

Miss Scarlett walked all four holes. Crazy cat.

Kate in her happy place.

Tailgating, indoor style.

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  1. Pendy,

    Yes, you are on my list of good deed people. Please look again. You are listed with Jess in FLA.


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