Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holiday Advice

Now that we're into November and in official holiday mode, Kristen has asked for our best tip for getting the most out of the holidays, to be compiled in a special Works-for-Me-Wednesday. I'd have to say that the best advice I have for ANYONE trying to make plans for the holiday is: BE FLEXIBLE.

Most years we've had Christmas on December 25th like everyone else but we didn't get bent out of shape if it had to be on the 26th, 27th, or even the 28th (sometimes we even stretched it out for several of those days). Why? Because what worked for us was celebrating when our family could be together. Some of us lived overseas, some had to work, some were sharing time with other relatives, so we had to be flexible.

Being flexible means that you will enjoy the time you DO have with family and friends without disappointment that a particular tradition didn't happen on a certain day. Being flexible during the holidays works for me! For more ideas for getting the most out of the holidays at Works-for-Me-Wednesday, click HERE.


  1. I married a man with 4 siblings. We rarely have holidays on the actual holiday. I wouldn't have it any other way... It truly makes the holiday if you're all together.

  2. Great advice! I actually enjoy celebrating on the days before and after the holiday...it stretches it out and makes the holiday last longer! Keep the tips coming!

  3. That is truly great advice- sometimes we can plan so much that we get attached to the idea of something rather than allowing ourselves to enjoy the moment. Enjoy your holiday season!


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