Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Perfect Day, Almost

All roads lead to Athens (at least that's what E.W. says), especially during football season. This was Ellie's first trip to the Classic City and she arrived Friday, with her folks, wearing her red and black and ready to bark.

Saturday morning dawned sunny and crisp; perfect football weather. After a quick breakfast and preview of the stadium, we were off to the tailgate, our best one of the season. We were joined by scads of friends and family, which made the day spectacular. It was a special treat to see Rose Watkins Morris and her family; Rose is one of my sorority sisters from way back when and is responsible for Jay and Kate meeting each other. Another plus: Ellie made it all the way to game time without a nap or a meltdown (even with the pressure to be the cutest thing at a tailgate, ever!).

Unfortunately, the Dawgs did not perform as well as Ellie. :(

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  1. I can't get your pics to show on the blog. Bummer - I'm sure Ellie is adorable.


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