Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday: Trick or Treat

Halloween 1984 - Worth was four, almost five. I have no idea where he got the idea but he insisted he wanted to be a Mad Professor that year. He fell in love with this wig/glasses combo and felt that it was his perfect look. Kate, at 23 months, was content to sport her day-to-day look (my mama made her that dress) as long as she had bunny.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sneak Peek, Trick or Treat

While we can't take credit for the picture (that's the trick part), we can take credit for being grandparents of this adorable ladybug! Ellie, your Mia and E.W. think you are the sweetest Halloween treat ever!

Yes, there are more!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Doors

Some time ago, I saw a picture of a door that had been painted black. Then a friend moved into a new home and had her doors painted black and they look great, giving me even more inspiration. Our front door has always been black on the exterior side, but I wanted both sides of the door black and our kitchen door deserved the same treatment. So guess what I did last weekend?

kitchen door, inside

What's good for the inside is
good for the outside!

First coat, waiting for paint to dry.

Might as well move on to the front door.

Love it!

Much better.

The kitchen door, after.
PS Look out, you other two doors. You could be next!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Seems like this is great advice for anyone in any situation, doesn't it? Hope I can follow it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Before and After

You might find it hard to believe, but yes, another chair. The chair/planter we had on the breezeway finally bit the dust, so it was time to spritz another. Spending ten minutes of my time and a few dollars on one of my favorite household helpers (black spray paint with a matte finish) made a world of difference!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do You Think I've Changed?

Drove to mama and daddy's this afternoon and Kate came after she left work. The four of us had the most wonderful evening; daddy brought out some tidbits from my past (and yes, there were some well-deserved laughs at my expense!). Family lore was shared, some heirlooms were handed down, and a memory was made.

I asked Kate to take our picture, a reinactment if you will...of a photo taken (quite) some time ago. It was agreed that I was just a tad large to sit on mama's lap this time, though.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday: The Do Do Chair

In the last post, I wrote about the chair crazy going on in our home. One of the chairs I showed was the "do do" chair (if you missed why a chair would earn that name, go HERE). Here is that same chair in it's originial condition and occupied by Granddaddy Hammack. This was taken Christmas 1957. Sa and Momee are on the left,; that's E.W. on the far right, joined by his cousins. Oh, and that radio you see? It's at George and Sue's; we took it when we went in August!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy for Chairs

Any time I pass a used furniture store or yard sale, I look longingly at the interesting chairs on display and only restraint and a faint voice in my head saying "where would you put that?" keep me in the car. Lest you think I exaggerate, a quick tour will set you straight... and keep in mind I'm limiting myself to JUST A FEW of the random chairs in our home (other than this one) and ALL of them were given to us! So I'm not even going to mention the lovely set of English dining chairs I found at an antique store at St. Simons for a fraction of what I should have paid or the wonderful set around our kitchen table, won at an auction.

Now for some of the random chairs that grace our home:

I knew a bit about this chair but asked my dad to give me the details: "That chair came from your grandfather’s (Olin Minick) country store located at Gary’s Lane, SC. It was on the highway between Clinton and Newberry. You have been in the store but I am sure you do not remember it (Oh yes, I do. I was allowed to get candy there!). It was a very small country store, not much larger than our living room, and it is where I asked your Mama’s daddy if it would be all right for me to marry his daughter. Mama’s brother Steve worked there and so did Meadors (another brother) on a part time basis. He had a full-time job at the Ford dealer in Clinton where I worked while going to PC. There were several chairs like it that were positioned near the pot bellied stove where local country yokels would sit and visit. The legs on all the chairs were very short because they had been worn off from being slid around on the concrete floor of the store. Mama had the chair refinished and cane bottoms replace at a place in Augusta where disabled people were trained and employed."

Here's what my daddy says about this one: "That rocker was at 516 (Manford Drive - my grandparents' home - but we always called it 516, as in "get in the car, we're going to 516") probably from the the date they moved to Atlanta around 1930. I was three when we moved from East Point (my great-grandmother's home) and Mother rocked me in it until my legs hit the floor. It was probably used for rocking Betty and LeMargaret (my aunts who were older than my dad) before moving to Atlanta." In other words, this chair has been in the family a LONG time. As a child, it was my favorite in my grandparents' den; now I am blessed to have it in our living room.

Ah, the Coleman Chair! E.W.'s grandfather Hammack had three sisters who lived in (guess it?) Coleman. When their estate was settled, my mother-in-law gave this chair to us. It's my favorite spot in the living room, my go-to chair.

The next one is my high chair. Both of my children (as well as nieces, nephews, and numerous neighborhood kids) have used it as well. It's seen lots of messes and giggles and it's not finished yet! Happily, the most recent occupant is Ellie, our granddaughter.

My childhood rocker - it was red back then but when I was in high school I painted it yellow and 'antiqued' it and it's sported that look ever since. Oh, and the baby in the chair? That's Dara; Santa brought her to me when I was nine.

When my parents married, their kitchen table and chairs were WWII surplus left behind at PC. Until I was a teenager, this is what we used...and they are still going strong!

My grandmother, Kate, was a DIYer WAY ahead of her time. She painted this chair (and two or two hundred other pieces of furniture).

I had to ask my dad about this one, too. I knew it came from my great-grandmother's home in East Point and that my mama had refinished's what he said: "The other chair came from the Fulton County Court House in Atlanta. Granddaddy Wright (daddy's maternal grandfather)worked there in the building maintenance department. He was a carpenter and painter but could do most anything that needed to be done around that large courthouse which remains in use today. The chair, which I am sure had been disposed of by the County, was in his house for many years and then later at 516 Manford. Mother gave it to us as a rickety old black chair and Mama refinished it."

My cousins and I spent hours and hours on these chairs, drawing and playing games at the little table at our grandparents home. Hard to believe the chairs survived us!

Another 516 chair...but this one was never in the house, at least not in my lifetime. It was my Granddaddy's workshop chair. Some folks my question my taste in home decor since this chair is now in my living room, but some folks never had the BIG FUN that my Granddaddy shared with his grandchildren in that workshop. It reminds me of those days and therefore has earned its place.

Speaking of my Granddaddy, I've been told this was his high chair. I'm sure others used it, as he was one of thirteen children. Not sure how I was fortunate enough to end up with it, but thrilled I did!

Although the gossip bench is in our home, technically it belongs to Kate and was given to her because she's named for the original Kate. My grandmother spent MANY hours sitting on this bench, which was located in her hallway at 516, talking on her Princess Phone!

E.W.'s granddaddy always had a 'do do' chair. Grandkids would sit in his lap while he'd sing, "do do do do do!" We've had this one since the early years of our marriage. *update* For more details and a 1957 picture of this chair in action, click HERE.

These are special because they were made for us by Chappie, our opposite in-law (for lack of a better exactly are we related to our son's father-in-law...since we claim the entire family as relatives now we had to come up with something!). They are wonderful for late afternoon relaxing in the yard and as you can see the cats love them, too.

Guess this one is the newest of the lot - got it when I retired from teaching last year - not that I've had time to sit on the porch and rock, but just to know I could...

Now you know about my crazy (or one of my crazies, anyway). To see a whole Wednesday full of crazy, jump over to Hillary's!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Flashback Friday: 70's Fashion

Rachel from Home Sanctuary has been lamenting how she wasted her youth on bad fashion. Just so she'll know that others of us have made strange fashion choices, I am posting this picture from 1973. At the time, I adored these multi-color platform shoes. My roommate, Betsey, had the same shoes in the pastel version. Yes, we were lookin' good. Some of you might recognize my husband (despite his unfortunate choice of that blue suit and tie, I married him two years after this photo was taken). The other unwitting participants are my husband's brothers and parents.

Calling the Dawgs

Last weekend Worth and Uncle Amos taught Ellie how to call the dawgs, but the team let her down. Thank goodness the tailgate was a winner. Let's hope tomorrow's game has a better outcome! Go dawgs, beat those vols! Oh, and if you want to see more teams and tailgates, head over to Kelly's for this week's Show Us Your Life.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shake Shake Shake

Courtesy of Auntie Kate:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Perfect Day, Almost

All roads lead to Athens (at least that's what E.W. says), especially during football season. This was Ellie's first trip to the Classic City and she arrived Friday, with her folks, wearing her red and black and ready to bark.

Saturday morning dawned sunny and crisp; perfect football weather. After a quick breakfast and preview of the stadium, we were off to the tailgate, our best one of the season. We were joined by scads of friends and family, which made the day spectacular. It was a special treat to see Rose Watkins Morris and her family; Rose is one of my sorority sisters from way back when and is responsible for Jay and Kate meeting each other. Another plus: Ellie made it all the way to game time without a nap or a meltdown (even with the pressure to be the cutest thing at a tailgate, ever!).

Unfortunately, the Dawgs did not perform as well as Ellie. :(

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Zoo

Twenty-nine years ago, I took my baby to the zoo (Worth and I were visiting E.W.'s folks who were stationed in Philadelphia at the time; the zoo there was amazing).

Today, he took his baby to the zoo! Click HERE for Ellie's first visit to the zoo!

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