Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cool Cat in the 'Hood

For weeks Mooch, a walk-on, has been around, developing love/hate relationships with Putter Davis and Miss Scarlett. He's a little less frightened of us now than he was at first and we are hoping that we will be able to wrangle him into the cat carrier so he can have a little surgical procedure. :) Maybe then Putter won't hate him so much and Scarlett won't be so afraid!

Mooch makes himself right at home,
as long as no one gets too close.

Putter is NOT a fan.

Ready to rumble.

He's gone...for now.
Update: Mooch never came back; guess Miss Scarlett and Putter gave him a hint.


  1. Gee... wonder what 'surgical procedure'. I suspect he's on to it and staying a bit more than an arm's length away!

  2. Love the captions :)


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