Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Stuff

December, 1981 ~ Worth and Tyson
July, 2009 ~ Tyson's son, Jake, and Worth's daughter, Ellie
The original Jake (Tyson's dad and E.W.'s friend) would be as pleased as we are that the friendship is entering it's third generation. Just look at that smile on Ellie's face!


  1. So sweet! I love it! Are they too young for an arranged marriage? :)

  2. I know this will be my life before I know it!

    My husband's name is Walker Eugene. His dad is Winston Eugene. His grandad was Willard Eugene. So there was some real pressure to name our son W____ Eugene. We could not come up with anything he liked - thank goodness, because I thought Eugene was so nerdy it was going to be a bitter pill to swallow in the name of family tradition.

    I have a point - if I had thought of the name Worth, that could have worked for me. Worth! I like that!

    Worth Eugene. Sigh - still nerdy.

  3. so precious. thank you for sharing and i love your wedding pix in the header! thanks for stopping by

  4. Very precious. Its what its all about!


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