Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anticipation & Flashback Friday

We are SO READY for Ellie to be here. There may have been some naps taken in this crib through the years but the last baby who spent the night in it was our niece, Rachel, who is a sophomore in college! People always thought it was a little strange that we had the baby bed set up in the guest room, but I've always known that one day we'd have a grandbaby who would sleep in it. I bought new linens last summer before Ellie was born and now they are laundered and ready for her sweet self. I imagine that before any sleeping takes place, we'll spend some time in this rocker. She'll be the third generation to relax to the steady creaking of this particular chair and it's a memory I look forward to making. And just for fun, here are pictures of Ellie's daddy and Auntie Kate in that crib!

Worth 2-21-80

Kate 12-5-82

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