Saturday, January 31, 2009


Thanks to Melissa at the Inspired Room for introducing me to the concept of wabi-sabi. Who knew our reverence for heirlooms and other pre-owned treasures actually had a name (especially one that's so much fun to say!)? Of course, the concept encompasses much more; you can read about it here in an article she recommended or peruse this short excerpt here:

In home decor, wabi-sabi celebrates the human rather than the machine. Items that you both admire and love to use, like those hand-crank eggbeaters that still work just fine. Things that resonate with the spirit of their makers' hands and hearts: the chair your grandfather made, your six-year-old's lumpy pottery, an afghan you knitted yourself (out of handspun sheep's wool, perhaps). Pieces of your own history: sepia-toned ancestral photos, baby shoes, the Nancy Drew mysteries you read over and over again as a kid.

The history of this desk is in this note written by my grandmother, Kate Cavaleri (1900-1979). What she didn't write is how determined she was to bring it back home. My grandmother never drove and yet, she managed to get this desk from Rome to Atlanta. It meant that much to her. From my earliest memories, it was in her dining room. Now, I am blessed to have it in mine. I often think of the miles it's traveled and the hands who have dusted and polished its scarred surfaces over the years.

What about you? Are there things you love because they are pieces of your own history?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday: Beach 1984

This flashback photo was taken in front of the Brodie Beachhouse at Indian Pass. In those days, the area was nearly wilderness! No cable, no air conditioning except one window unit in the bedroom, and if you wanted to make a phone call you got in the car and drove a few miles to a pay phone. For us, though, that WAS the beach. Just us, being a family.

This picture is one of my favorites. The kids are SO READY to be back in the water! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

White on White

This is the MOST exciting picture of the LEAST gratifying project I've EVER tackled. If you look very closely, you see a dark shade of white at the top and a lighter white at the bottom . Please notice the distinction! Such was the excitement today as I painted the ceilings in our bedroom and bathroom the new, lighter shade. With new bedroom carpet on the way, it was a task I couldn't avoid any longer. Since there will be a remnant large enough to recarpet the hall closet...yes, I cleared it out and painted it as well.

Free advice for anyone considering painting a ceiling: hire someone else to do it. My neck may never be the same.

Home Town Idol

The picture on the left was taken Kate's senior year, 2001. Her friend, Jarrett, was her show choir partner for many of the performances that year. She called me this morning to tell me that she saw him last night during American Idol previews for tonight's episode and called him to get the scoop on his experience (and no, I am not going to write a spoiler). Don't know how much air time he'll have, but you KNOW we will all be watching to see.

Bonus Information: His single on I-Tunes is entitled This Life and I can highly recommend it as a download.

Two Cats In the Yard

Our sweet Ashley's daddy made these adirondack chairs for us and they are, hands down, the favorite part of our yard. We enjoy relaxing in them in the late afternoon on pretty days and they make a pretty fine place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, too.

As you can see, they also serve as a key element in the yard patrol duties of Putter and Miss Scarlett.

For more Outdoor Wednesday, head on over to Susan's.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Level Five Champs!

Kate's Level Five team placed first at the Hilton Head Island Gymnastics Invitational this past weekend! Congratulations, coach, we're PROUD of you and your girls!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What color is dirt?

We looked at carpet samples until our eyes glazed over. Why don't they have one named Dirt? That's what we're trying to match. Instead, we found variations of beige, ecru, buff, khaki, cream, tan, oyster, ivory, bisque, wheat, linen, antique white, champagne, flax, and bamboo. We ended up choosing one called Beacon. What color is that? It wasn't in the Crayola 64. We just hope it's the same color as the dirt we track in.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday: This Makes Me Giggle

This picture has tickled my funny bone from the first time I saw it. Wouldn't you love to know what happened in the moment just before the camera captured these expressions?

The guilty shall remain unidentified, but I WILL tell you that I'm married to one of these goofy kids.

To see what makes other folks giggle, check out this week's Flashback Friday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr. Paint Pig

When Worth and Kate were small, this was one of our favorite books. We adored reading about Mr. Paint Pig and his adventures. Today I was Mr. (Ms.?) Paint Pig and yes, the study is now painted.

After living with white primer for a week and poring over approximately ninety-seven paint chips, I ended up with a color that wasn't even in the running. We like it, though, as it's not too different from the original khaki but much warmer and closer to the carpet we THINK we've chosen. That's a whole other decision and one that's not so easily fixed if we don't like our choice. The installer came out and measured today, so we'll be making that decision SOON.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Four Months Old

If you've checked in with the B'ham Bunch, you know that sweet Ellie celebrated her four month birthday yesterday with a cold and the beginnings of an ear infection. :(

Despite not feeling well, she still manages to pull off looking ADORABLE (or do you think we might be a tad biased?).

Politically Correct

Thanks to Shalee for expressing how a lot of us feel today.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Food for Thought

The Bluestockings have returned from our annual weekend away and it was nearly perfect (having Ann there would have made it 100%). There were laughs, movies, shopping, more laughs, food, and yes, we had our book discussion thank-you-very-much. We mapped out our selections for 2009 and are looking forward to our 2010 weekend adventure! We did that after we spent all day out in public attired in identical Life Is Good tees (book themed, of course). I hope those who saw us had a good laugh; I'm sure they were wondering where our red hats were but we are NOT that kind of group!
Our Life is Good tee shirt logo.

Loading up.

Ready to roll.

Arriving at Sliders; these two rode in the cheap seats.

We miss Ann; here's her empty chair.

They look very happy; were there beverages involved?

The rest of us around the table.

Kay helps a fellow middle-ager with vision problems.

Our first stop (and Chanon's favorite!).

Waiting for our yummy lunch.

Checking out more tee shirts.

Perusing titles for 2009... very serious work.

Jean, we are not selecting a dictionary.

Chanon is excited to find a new book by Tracy Chevalier.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday: The Summer We Met

Here we are the summer we started dating! Yes, we were SO attractive. I guess there IS someone for everyone! Who else would have wanted us? For those of you who weren't in style in 1972, those overalls E.W. is sporting were HIGH FASHION. Just so you know.

Some things don't change, though; that chair of my mama's you see in the background? It's at my kitchen desk NOW (although it did make the trip to college with my oldest, it came back).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are We Home Yet?

We are both Army Brats, which means that the natural rhythm of our childhoods was move, settle in, get ready to move, and repeat. Less than a year after we married, though, we came to a small town and thirty-something years and two children later, we are still here!

Still, when anyone asks where I'm from, I can tell them where I LIVE but I can't tell them where I'm FROM! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Now that I am not working on Wednesdays, I am able to make steady progress on the Bowers House 'to do' list. Today, in addition to getting caught up on the laundry (not an exciting goal for most people but for me, yes) and doing a few things to get ready for the Bluestocking Retreat this weekend (you KNOW there will be a future post on that), I managed to accomplish the next few steps in the study makeover! Next Wednesday's project: paint. Now it's decision time because we have to choose a color.

Bare walls, can you believe it?

Supervisory staff is critical.

Holes are patched.

Pan liners are a must.

Yes, I asked for this scaffolding
for Valentine's Day last year!

Today's big project is priming.

A Purdy brush makes things so much easier.

Progress is being made...

...moving right along.

Priming is done!
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