Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On and On and On and On

Scroll down for ALL of the Christmas was just TOO FULL to put in just one. Guess that's 'cause we really started in mid-December and kept going after Christmas Day!

Still Christmasing

Although the purists would say Christmas is over, we are still having holiday fun. George and Sue have been here for a few days and we are so glad!
While the guys played golf, we drove ourselves crazy with the Father Christmas puzzle Sue sent us from Germany decades ago...Kate and I put it together every year, so it was on the holiday agenda! Although we had to tear ourselves away, we did manage to finish it the next morning.

We are Bowers, so of course there was a break for food! E.W. requested tacos and a group effort was made to pull them together.

After supper, there was a viewing of home videos of when the cousins were small. We laughed until we hurt....Christmas 'programs'... slip and slide competitions...seeing Worth, Kate, George, Jr., Sarah, Ross, and Rachel being kids together...priceless! Thanks to Kate, we now have these gems on DVD.

Thanks to 'the people from Virginia', it's been a lovely couple of days. We appreciate you making the trip and wish the road from here to there was not quite so long.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How do you spell Bowers?

In the previous post, you saw the light fixture Kate got me for Christmas. I have to tell you it's been YEARS since I've had a BIG BOX to open on Christmas morning and it was fun! I got another BIG BOX gift from Ashley and Worth and this morning I got it on the wall in the living room. Love it. In fact, I've entered four or five blogger contests trying to win one of these, to no avail. Last week I even saved a picture of one so I could try a DIY. Each letter is a photo from architecture, nature, or other found objects. The 'w' on this one is actually a double church window upside down! Thanks, B'ham kiddos!

Manic Monday

Monday seemed like a good day to undeck the halls. It had to happen, just didn't know that it would get crazier as the day went on! We've been having some repair work done and today they showed up to work on two of our doors. Surprise! We spent a good part of the day with doors removed and we are definitely aired out around here. After Kate and I got the tree 'undressed' she decided to install the light fixture she gave me for Christmas. Actually, her first choice was to sit in front of the fire and relax but with a gale force wind blowing through the living room, she went to Plan B. Thank you Kate; love the lighting and wowed that you did the installation! Meanwhile, I plowed ahead with the packing up of Christmas, taking a break at five to watch our Dawgs beat A&M (woo hoo) in the Independence Bowl. A bonus for the game...Kate's friend came over with her husband and precious baby. I have to tell you, I was so happy to be sitting down I didn't even take pictures of our mini-tailgate. After the game, I switched gears and focused on getting ready for tomorrow's company. We are so excited to see E.W.'s brother George and Sister Sue! Can't wait!

naked tree

replacing doors in December....BRRRRRRR

The light fixture Kate wanted to exile.

It seemed like a good idea to install the new fixture during
the confusion that is known as undecking the halls.

Reading the directions, a novel concept.
scaffolding: the best Valentine, ever

a work in progress
With doors installed, we can turn on the
heat now!
Just about done!

Meanwhile, this is what I was doing.
Looks great, and apparently
the Christmas has been put up, too!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day, Part Two

After a mid-afternoon Christmas dinner, some played a few holes of golf, some went to visit friends, and some stayed home in front of the fire before we gathered up for another session of Entertainment by Ellie. How can one fifteen-month-old be so expressive, curious, and happy?
Ellie loves the princess tent Jay gave her, but check out her hair! The look on her face? Kate's trying to get in the tent with her!
Ellie and Jay have fun making faces at each other. Also? Please note the Flamingo Feet she's wearing, courtesy of Dena and George. They are the most hilarious slippers I've ever seen. Better yet, they do not slip off and they have rubberized soles.
E.W. gets some Ellie time...

...but a girl has got to be free to ride her horse (which she now adores, despite being terrified when she first saw and heard it at the Tifts on Christmas Day).

Boxing Day, Part One

Kate and Ashley all cuted up for the day. Yes, cuted is an official word.
Sa reads George's essay on memories of Christmas at Granddaddy Hammack's farm while Worth cozies up to the fire.
Kate, Ashley, and Gramps listen attentively.
More gifts! Kate knows what Jay likes and gets him a flatscreen for his kitchen.
Ashley finally gets a Snuggie and she's commercial ready, posing with a book!
For Kate, a beautiful diamond cross is one of the gifts from Jay. She seems to like it.
How many adults does it take to figure out a toddler pop-up tent? Really?
Ellie is wondering the same thing.
Jay, Kate, Dena, and George...good looking bunch, huh?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My mama is ready for Christmas!

Ellie's not the first one up but she's not the last one up, either!

As she gets her eyes open, she spies something VERY interesting.

We all crack up as she opens the door, gets in, shuts the door, and is ready to go.

Ellie gets some motoring assistance from great-granddaddy Cavaleri.
But there's more...
Ellie loved the tutu her Mia made for her but we'll leave out the pictures of the dancing tutorial!

E.W. is ready to cheer on the Gym Dogs!
Ellie is a natural behind the wheel!
Dr. Dawg sports a new scrub hat.
Our Christmas babies (or at least they were Christmas babies back in 79 and 82!).
Christmas morning was a very happy time in our home. Eventually we ate brunch and got dressed for the day. The B'ham bunch headed over to the Tifts for another round and Jay was on his way down, so the rest of us took care of napping and visiting a friend who'd just had surgery. We had a low-key evening and enjoyed a last night with my folks, who're heading back home in the morning.

As Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day." and for us, it will be another day of Christmas celebration. E.W.'s folks, nephew George and his girlfriend, Dena, will be coming our way...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve After Church

After church we headed over to the Gaines for their annual Christmas Eve gathering. We all enjoyed spending time with friends; Ellie had a marvelous time with the son of one of Ashley's good friends...he did give her a kiss and a cute. You can see by this picture that she's not too sure of what he just did!

We left the Gaines and met the Tifts back at our house for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of ribs and chicken...this year accompanied by sweet potatoes, layered salad, green beans, and deviled eggs. We thought that was good until we had Serita's fresh coconut cake. Oh. My. Goodness. It was divine!

That's when Santa's helpers went to work...let me just say there was sweat involved...ha!

Around midnight the helpers finished up and we hit the sack with visions of sugar plums in our heads and counting our blessings.

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