Friday, December 19, 2008

Three Months Old Today

We are (just a tad!) biased, but how PRECIOUS is this little face? Ellie is three months old today and it's been a JOY for me to be with her this week while her mama was working. We've had a fine time together and have made lots of plans for future mischief, too!

She has stolen more of my heart, but as Betsey told me, it's okay because once a grandchild has stolen your heart, you don't want it back. Ellie, your Mia loves you!


  1. I am thrilled to meet you....It is so fun to get up the morning and hace new friends.

    Our newest grandaughter will turn ONE on Christmas eve dat....time has a way of rollin'on

    Ellie is like pudding!!!

  2. Hello! Thank you for your note today! And thanks for the compliment about the portrait. I can't help but admit that I love it, too. Our son was just under a year old when we had his portrait taken, and I kept coming back to that one.

    Your granddaughter is adorable! I remember when Tater Tot was about that age, and it's just wonderful! It's terrific that you get to spend so much time with her. We lived in the same town with both sets of grandparents and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. Enjoy!

    Merry Christmas!
    Tater Mama

  3. Noah was 3 mos on the 18th...Ellie is just one day older. She's beautiful! But then you knew that already! ;o)

    Have a Merry Christmas!


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