Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas

The 23rd is usually the day my folks arrive for Christmas. Since they were not :( coming this year, we didn't really know what to do with ourselves Tuesday! Kate did come home after spending a few days in B'ham; the rest of the B'ham crew made it to Ashley's folks later that night. We are ever-so-grateful for traveling mercies.

Yesterday afternoon Worth and Emmett got in some 'boy time' on the golf course (bonding). We attended Christmas Eve service at our church (inspiration) and then made it over to the Gaines' annual gathering (laughs).

The Pros from Dover

Christmas Eve at the Gaines
Kate, Lib, Sally

Wanda Woman in the kitchen.

The Patio Scene

Double Trouble

Sarah and Wilson show how it's done.

Today we did something we have never, ever done before on Christmas morning; we slept in! The B'ham and Albany crews weren't due here until early afternoon, so we had a leisurely Christmas morning. Although it was different, we found that it was not a bad way to begin the day.

Christmas Day Cat Patrol
Guess they are wondering where Santa is.

The table is ready!

Sa and Gramps got here first, so E.W. and Gramps
 had time to solve all of the world's problems.

Ellie arrived, charmed everyone, and then napped while we opened gifts and had Christmas dinner. Then she woke up in time to do some more charming and try out her new Bumbo.

Ellie's here!

Auntie Kate loves her Ellie Bean.

Mia gets a squeeze.

E.W. gets some sugar.

Gramps, too.

Now Sa.

Ellie's napping; time to open gifts.
Yeah, the German puzzle isn't quite finished!

Diggin' in.

Ashley explains our gift.
This is standard for our group, having to explain gifts.

Sa shocks Kate with a BIG gift,
her diamond earrings.

Joni Mitchell and more!

Rolling on the floor after Christmas dinner.

Rolling on the sofa for some of us.

Yay, Ellie's up from her nap.

I got a Bumbo!

Woo hoo!

Calm down, you say?

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