Sunday, May 10, 2015

Splash Pad Party

Emma's birthday was Monday (she's four!) and her party was yesterday. Having the party at the splash pad was genius; everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect.

Just a little sashay across the water. You can do that when you're four!

Lining up to go down one of the slides.

Traffic jam caused by Mack.

E.W. enjoyed the splash pad, too.

Running instead of sashaying this time.

Ellie got major big sister points for helping Mack on the slide.

Mr. Bossy Pants

Sweet big sister.

Up the slide and under the shower.

Birthday Princess

The only picture of all three. Sort of!

Please look at the worried and anxious expressions on those kids!
Will the candle light? Will she be able to blow it out? It's intense.

Whew, she did it (looks like Ellie's helping).

Mack on tiptoes, holding on to Ellie's swim suit, trying so hard to get cake.

The birthday girl's dad had fun, too.

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