Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Service for Col. Edwin Fairbanks Cavaleri, Jr. at Arlington National Cemetery, in photographs

I wrote HERE about how overwhelmed we were by daddy's funeral service at Arlington National and promised photographs. We are indebted to Anne Bunker and Tommy Smith; here are a few of the special memories they captured:

Soldiers stand ready.

Transfer of ashes and flag by the casket team....

...with reverence and military precision.

Secured and prepared for procession.

The beginning of the final journey.

Horse-drawn caisson.

Section 70

Standing with mama as the casket team transports his ashes and flag.

On the left is our Arlington Lady and her escort.

Chaplain Andy Jenks conducts the service.

Some of our small group.

Standing for the three-volley salute.

Ceremonial folding of the flag.

So precise and reverent.

The presentation of the flag to my sweet and brave mama.

Soldiers preparing to march.

The caparisoned horse waits patiently.
Notice the rear-facing empty boots, symbolic of a fallen leader.

Escort Platoon, Army Band, Firing Party, and Color Guard

So grateful for the service of these soldiers.

Daddy's grandchildren; he was so proud of them. 

Section 70, Grave 2433
In the shadow of the Pentagon, where he served for many years.

All of the photos:

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