Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Still at it.

The house is empty; now to conquer the final frontier: the garage.
So much stuff! 
The donation truck didn't have room for it all...they'll have to come back in the a.m.
Also, the garage has no AC. 

Not only that, I got a lot done at mama's new place...hanging pictures on the wall, trying (and not yet succeeding) to get keys for her room and mailbox, getting winter clothes packed for storage, sorting jewelry (thanks, Kate, for letting me vent!), getting her sewing machine set up, consolidating photos and memorabilia in under-the-bed boxes, decluttering and finding a home for all she has, consulting with the doc about her feet swelling, troubleshooting with Comcast after she 'killed' her remote, taking her car to be serviced, a trip to Target for necessities and retail therapy, and putting in a maintenance order to get her air conditioning unit fixed. I managed to get her new digs organized and now it's homier...and calming.

Tomorrow is a whole new story, with more lists to be checked off (another visit from the donation truck, picking up her car, storing her sewing supplies in the craft room) before I head home. So glad she's happy where she is; it's tricky living so far away. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

24 beach trips. really?

The 24th annual (are we really that old?) Junebug beach trip is in the books. It was a wonderful week and a great respite. All four of us were SO in need of a break (elderly parents, family with cancer, work, and a few things that don't need mentioning here). We're all back to dealing with those issues but have warm memories of a week with friends who love us to help us get through them....and we're already planning our silver anniversary trip next year!

Friday, May 27, 2016

the long way home

On the way home, with Emmett driving the U-Haul and me driving his Tahoe towing a borrowed trailer, we took back roads rather than the interstate. When a tire blew on the trailer, we knew we'd made the right decision to travel at a slower pace. It had not been pulling smoothly and our new best friend told us why when he tried to put on the new tire; the wheels were two different sizes. That meant another trip back to the shop to get another wheel to install. Thankfully, we were just a few miles from town. We finally made it home late yesterday, safe and sound. Whew!

Our new best friend.

After an hour and a half, desperate for shade,
I broke out the umbrella! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016


There have been a lot of hellos and goodbyes at this front door over the last sixteen years.

Now that mama has moved 'down the hill', we are saying so long to 540 for the last time. Sad, right?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Recital: Ellie

Today was Ellie's turn to shine! Love this child, the engine of our grandchildren train.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Recital: Emma

Our sweet Emma girl was a joy to watch in her recital this morning. 
She is so, so precious to us!

Friday, May 20, 2016

With Style and Grace

Moving is never easy. I imagine it's especially hard when you're 91 and leaving the home where you've spent more years than anywhere else (army wife life), a home you didn't know you were going to leave until a week in the hospital and three weeks in rehab made it clear that continuing to live alone was was not a good idea. Still, my mama has had the most amazing attitude about leaving the cottage she and daddy moved into in 2000 to an assisted living apartment in the same community. She's been welcomed by many of her friends who've already made the transition and is settling in beautifully, noting all the positives. She is, as she says, doing it with style and grace. Really, my mama is amazing. 

stuff and more stuff

Since Sunday night I've been packing boxes and making decisions. Kate was a huge help Tuesday night and Wednesday (and many thanks to Patsy for wrangling boys so she could come); her timing was perfect as I'd about run out of steam and needed someone to tell me what to sort and pack next!  The rest of the furniture is still there and lots of boxes, but by the time I left this morning, it was with the feeling that we could go back next week and, with a lot of heavy lifting, load everything up and move it to it's next home.

Now if Comcast would get their act together...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Portugal Week

While Kate and Jay were in Portugal, the boys stayed with us. E.W. worked short days and we both had a lot of fun grandparenting. The week went by faster than I could believe and was a welcome change of pace after spending the previous two weeks helping mama in and out of the hospital and into rehab (and before returning to move her to assisted living).  

Bo insisted that he wanted to stay in what he calls the 'cousins room' with Banks. I was skeptical but honestly, it went great. Mack came to stay one night and they were all three in there. That night he and Bo did stay up chattering for about 45 minutes (Banks conked out); wish I had a transcript of that conversation!  

Saturday, Ashley brought Ellie, Emma, and Mack so the kids could have some cousin time. Made us so happy to see them all together. 


learning to drink from the hose :)

bathtime is playtime 

helping E.W. with the bird feeder

Bo likes to make chocolate chip pancakes.
Every day.

a little golf practice

tractors with Mack

tractors with Mack in the bathtub

Breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes, what else?
Bo even let Mack help stir. 

Banks has a clear preference.
I've seen the two of them in this pose before!

They were still for about five minutes!

Banks finds himself in the cousin pic from his baptism. 

No idea why he wore these coozies on his arms that day.

Everyone loves a golf car ride.

Bath time - his favorite.
Made better with Gatorade!

Loved hearing him 'read'...those inflections!

Meanwhile, mama and daddy in Portugal. 

This one is a climber. 

popsicles on a hot afternoon

brother snuggles

future's so bright...

cousins in the glider...

...and cousins in the hammock 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Wishing our sweet Emma the happiest of birthdays. The day this precious child entered our world was a joyful day for our family.

For all of the birthday news, read her mama's update.
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