Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trains, Planes, and a Dance

I went and got this little fella for a spend-the-night Friday and oh, my, the conversations. I learned that trains are too loud, that you can see airplanes at the 'airpork', and that excavators dig up and move dirt. That was in the first fifteen minutes of the trip back to my house. He is a talker and E.W. and I got so tickled at the things he'd say and do. We love being grandparents.

photo stolen from Ashley

   His sisters didn't come because they
   had a special date with their daddy.
   How precious is this picture?

Friday, February 5, 2016

first weeks of the year

Other than time with grandchildren and both of our mothers, the first weeks of the year have been very low key. I've done a great deal of puttering around the house and have spent a lot of time inside my head...reminds me of a favorite quote:

“The ordinary arts we practice every day at home 
are of more importance to the soul 
than their simplicity might suggest.” Thomas More

Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's hard to be cool in the eighth grade.

Ah, the eighth grade, such an awkward time, especially when it's right in the middle of the British Invasion. I mean, who could compete with Twiggy? 

Still, my school picture shows my attempt to do my part to fit in by wearing my navy blue Poorboy and my Yardley Lip Slicker!

Why is it that 13-year-old girls don't have to go through that awkward stage anymore? No fair!

Monday, January 18, 2016


We had some sweet company for a few days...while Jay worked, Kate and the boys came to play. 

Mia, I was thinking about making some pancakes. With chocolate chips.

Such a happy baby, this one.

Listening to me explain (attempt to explain) how the mantel clock works.
The German hat. Always a favorite.

You can't let him near the water until you're ready for him to get in;
he will fight you to get there. Loves bath time.

This one loves the outdoors.

Thank goodness we had some sunny weather.

Banks was all about Dubs. This was right before a pre-nap golf car ride.

Fire pit!

Another contender for the bedhead award.

They're back home, safe and sound, and it is SO quiet around here. We miss those sweet noises.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Photos are my kryptonite.

Santa brought me a new computer...and moving into it has been an adventure! Between a faulty power cord on my old one (making it tricky to get files from it) and the new one having less storage (they want you to live completely in the cloud), there have been a few challenges.

Photos are my downfall; I had more than 36,000 on my old computer! Crazy. The past few weeks I've spent time choosing the keepers and deleting the rest. It was an overdue task, for sure.

Oh, and those more than 36,000 that were on my old computer? Yeah, they're backed up on an external hard drive...just in case!  

Friday, January 1, 2016

Merry Bowers Christmas!

In the past, I've told the kids to let me know when we were having Christmas. This year we began what (I hope) will be a new tradition. Everyone was here on the 23rd for dinner, gifts, and a spend-the-night. On the 24th, we had a big breakfast and sent everyone on their way so that Santa could come during the night. I love that our children are gathered up with their spouses and kids on Christmas Day, making memories and starting their own traditions. 

Ellie and Bo examine the gifts.


Sweet Emma loves a baby...

...still 'hugging' Banks and I have no idea what Bo and Ellie are doing.

The best part of Christmas!
This is the first time we've taken a group picture
 and no one has tried to escape. 

One of our traditions, started by Sa, is that the oldest grandchild reads the story of Jesus' birth from the Gospel of Luke before we say the blessing. I asked Worth if, now that Ellie knows how to read, he'd like to pass the torch for some of the verses. Using Ashley's grandmother's Bible, he made a copy and gave it to her earlier in the week for her to look over. She read every bit of it with help on a few of the more difficult words (you know the King James can be tricky!) and it was so, so precious. I can see this expanding to include the other grandchildren as they learn to read; hope my heart can take it! 

Ellie reading with a tiny bit of help from her daddy.

After dinner, it was time to open gifts! 
Note to self: next year be the elf. It was beyond chaotic!

Notice them all ripping into this gift,
to the point where Banks is knocked off his feet.

Poor Banks is still struggling on the floor.

These two fought over everything! Mine!
We knew it had nothing to do with gifts when they were spotted
trying to take possession of the old broom in the carport.
Still, so cute.

Overview of the pandemonium. 

After gifts and some play outside (in the carport; the rain would NOT stop), it was time for supper, bath, and bed. Mack didn't get the memo, apparently, as he kept his mama up most of the night. 

I love this so much; all five grandchildren around the kitchen table.
When we got this table in 1977, I remember Emmett commenting
on how we would sit at this table with our not-yet-born children.
We didn't dare to imagine grandchildren around it!

The next morning (Christmas Eve!) we served up a big breakfast and sent everyone on their way for Santa's big night! 

Uncle Worth hooks Bo up...a biscuit with butter and honey.

Not around the table for breakfast, but still. How blessed are we?

I'm already looking forward to 12.23.16!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Banks is One!

On this day last year we welcomed our youngest grandchild into the world! Now we can't imagine what life would be like without this precious boy.

E.W. and I spent a few days with mama so it worked out perfectly to celebrate Sunday at the farm (aka the Double J Plantation). It's a short ride from her house and was an easy way for her to see Banks and Bo. 

What is this sticky stuff?

Cake? What's that?

Let me sling some of this stuff on the floor.

Ooh, this is pretty good!

Sleepy boy decided to combine the deliciousness of cake
with the deliciousness of his favorite two fingers.

Bo said Banks looked like Santa Claus. Ha!

Sweet family celebration.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Eagles have a new head coach!

Last Saturday we stopped in Statesboro on our way to mama's... just a little press conference introducing Tyson as the new head coach of the Eagles! We could not be any prouder! What an amazing opportunity for him and what a smart move by GSU. 

Waiting for 'da coach' to come out.

The Eagles' new head coach!

Beth and boys.

He nailed it.

Posing for the press.

Love this family.

My favorite picture of Tyson and E.W.

Gonna have to buy more blue!

Loosening that tie...proud mama in the background.


Stole this one from the GSU website; it's a great picture
of the new GSU Head Football Coach and his family!

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